About Us

Tibet Roof of World international Travel Co.Ltd is a government registered and internationally licensed tour company. which was established in the year 2009.
The Managing Director of this company is Mr Migmar & Tashi, who has been engaged in the Tibetan tourism industry for more then eight years. He start his company with 20 skilled and well trained office staff. At present the Lhasa office has 20 staff members. The company has 40 guide who are proficient in English, Japanese, German, French languages. Who have thorough and in depth knowledge about Tibetan culture, climate, hotels and destinations for the tour in Tibet
The company has 30 driver who have more then 10-20 years experience in driving
The company has a fleet of modern and latest vechicles including the latest Toyota Land Cruiser, Mini Vans, Mini buses and large buses. For the trekking and motobiki trips, the company uses the most resilient and strong equipments and tents.
Our highest priorities in overland, biking and trekking are safety, quality and enjoyment.

Social Responsible

Whenever there is a chance to extend our helping hand to protect our historical and cultural heritage, we always say yes without any hesititation. In May 2012. a monastery called Tingri (Singga chode) was in a very poor condition due to the cultural revolution and recent earth quake, so we use our contacts and helped the monastery to fund raise for the renovation
We always encourage our guides to bring their waste with them and discard in a bigger town or counties where there have waste bins, specially for our trekking groups, we provide garbage bags for our guide to collect all their trashes and bring it with them.